Creme Egg Recipe



I am obsessed with Cadbury’s Creme Eggs but unfortunately (well fortunately for my waist line) They don’t sell them in Spain, to be honest they don’t sell all too much in the way of Easter treats in Spain, nothing like England and the chocaholic in me craves chocolate, most of all my very favourites; Creme Eggs.

I decided to make creme eggs  as a special treat Easter treat and share the recipe with you lovelies!

Here’s what you’ll need:

4 tbsp of Golden Syrup
100g Butter
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
300g Icing sugar
1/2 tsp yellow food colouring
350g Chocolate

Leave the butter out to soften slightly, mix together with the golden syrup and vanilla extract. Add the icing sugar and mix until nice and smooth you may need a drop of hot water.

Divide the mixture into 2 one lot smaller than the other. To the smaller portion add the yellow food colouring this will be your yolks and leave the other white. Place in the freezer for 30 mins.

Once hard take a teaspoon of the yellow mixture and roll into balls. Do this until you have used up all of the mixture. Then do the same but slightly bigger with the white mixture. Place in the freezer for 10 mins.

Gently push the centre of the white ball in with your thumb to make room for the yolk. Place the yolk inside and then using your fingers cover over with the right. Repeat this until all of the yolks are inside the whites.Place back in the freezer for 15 mins.

Gently melt your chocolate, if doing so in the microwave remember to use a microwave safe bowl and to check on it every 20 seconds or so as not to burn it. Chocolate is very easy to burn!

Remove your eggs from the freezer and using a tooth pick pierce one, now dip it into the chocolate and make sure the melted chocolate has covered the surface fully. Replace on the same tray and repeat with all of the eggs. You will notice that the chocolate sets very quickly, this is due to both the tray being frozen and the inside of the egg. Place in the fridge for another 10 mins and your ready to enjoy!

Miss Bobbin x

Lavender Cupcakes



What you’ll need:
1 Large cooking apple – peeled & thinly sliced
3tbsp Water
4tbsp Sugar
140g Plain Flour
1 Egg beaten
1tsp baking powder
1.5 tbsp Lavendar flowers
Pinch of Salt
55g Margarine
1tsp Bicarb of soda


For the icing:
Icing Sugar
Drop of hot water
Lavender flowers



Mix 150g of icing sugar with a drop of water. Don’t add too much you don’t want it to be too thin and runny. Add about 4 lavender flower petals and refrigerate. Cooling this lets the flavours of the lavender come out.




Preheat oven to 200c/400f
Place the thinly sliced apple in a saucepan with 3 tbsp of water and bring to the boil. Cover for 15-20 minutes and let simmer.




Sift flour, baking powder, bicarb of soda and salt into mixing bowl. In a separate bowl cream the margarine and sugar. Mix in the beaten egg and lavender. Once the apple is soft you can either mash it with a potato masher or use a food processor.




Fold in the margarine mixture carefully, gently stir and try not to over mix it. Spoon into cupcake holders and bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown.





Once ready remove from the oven and place on a cooling rack for about 15 minutes so they are nice and cold. Next its time to ice! Take your icing mixture out of the fridge it will be slightly stiff just mix a little and it should soften up. I like icing these and placing a lavender flower on a few as it looks pretty!



Happy Birthday Baby Sister

Today my beautiful, lovely sister Jess turned 21 I suppose id better get the embarrassing photos out then…


Over the past 21 years you have smiled lots…


You have played in boxes far too many times…


You sing whenever you’re not talking…


You have posed and pouted so many times I believe you may possibly aspire to be Victoria Beckham…


You’ve enjoyed a cheeky beverage…


Or two…


Or three…


Or four…


You have been surprised…

1939471_10154042458060515_626526308_n (1)

You have posed a lil bit more…


And then a hell of a lot more…


I have tried my best to keep you entertained but sometimes my efforts weren’t appreciated…

Even mum and dad’s funky clothes failed to amuse you…

You have collected many cats…


People haven’t always listened to you…

Luckily you’ve always had me to point out where you’re going wrong…

You have spent lots of time in your Jammie’s…


And quite a lot of time online…


There have been times when you could have been described as slightly grumpy…


But most importantly you have always been the very best sister in the world happy 21st Birthday Jessie Jane I love you lots and lots xxxx


I hope you have enjoyed your 21st Birthday, we have certainly enjoyed all of the cake!


You can visit Jessie’s blog Indie Loves here.

Miss.Bobbin x

Just One Day Of Lovely Nothingness





This week has been an absolute roller coaster, with work all over the place and my poor little kitkat getting very ill I have barely had time to make a cup of tea let alone sit down for five minutes to relax. Kitkat’s stomach swelled up an incredible amount and so I took her to the vets, where I was told she needed an emergency operation right there and then or she could die within a day or two. The sensible, rational part of me took this calmly, she’ll be find I told myself but the very emotional side of me won and I’ll admit to shedding a tear or two. Kitkat got through the op very well and is recovering at a fantastic speed, today she had a little mad 5 minutes which looked a little like this:

So, without further a do here is my week in pictures…

This tickled me quite a bit and so I thought I’d better share it with you, what do you think? As a British person living in Spain I must admit I agree with rather a few of these…



My mum’s dog Trixie gave me a much needed cuddle mid week…



Little KitKat hasn’t left my side whilst recovering…




Her cone stayed on for all of 3 seconds, whilst she felt sorry for herself, reversed all over the living room floor and then had a mini scrap with it. We battled for a good 15 minutes until admitting defeat and so I am keeping a very close eye on her instead…



I wanted to share a few photos of the town I work in, Sitges is a beautiful quaint town with the most lovely back streets…



IMG_3280 IMG_3278 IMG_3281 IMG_3282


I very nearly ran out of tea which caused for an emergency dash and in my panic I stocked up on Tetley’s!



As it is my sister’s birthday tomorrow I popped into my town “Vilanova” to go shopping with my mum, it is a rather big town with a fantastic square and town hall…

IMG_3286 IMG_3287 IMG_3288 IMG_3289


We had a cheeky breakfast in one of the cafes before embarking on our birthday shopping expedition!



And finally, after a mad week of rushing around everywhere a friend invited me to go on a picnic for a lovely day of nothingness something I have been wishing for for a good while now, we spent 5 hours sat on a beach chatting and relaxing…

IMG_3318 IMG_3319 IMG_3320 IMG_3321


Saturday night was cause for celebrating 2 days before my baby sister turns 21…

IMG_3325 IMG_3327


The weather this weekend has been wonderful, a little bit of Summer arrived and my rheumatoid arthritis took a hike for the weekend, leaving me feeling bouncy and very energetic so in true Spanish style I took to the outdoors and went on a lovely ramble on the seafront in Sitges with a friend…

IMG_3340 IMG_3341 IMG_3345


I hope you have had a lovely weekend too!

Miss.Bobbin x

Super Simple Sausage Pasta



To Feed 4.

What You’ll Need:

4 Sausages

4 Cups of Pasta

1 Onion Chopped

1/2 Red Pepper

4 Tinned Tomatoes

2 Tablespoons of ketchup.

Dash of red wine

1 stock cube in half a cup of boiling water.

Heat a spot of olive oil in a deep frying pan or wok, chop up the sausages and fry until cooked with the onion. In a separate saucepan cook the pasta until ready. Once the onion is nicely browned and sausages cooked add chopped pepper, chopped tomatoes and ketchup as well as a dash of red wine and the stock cube in boiling water. Bring to the boil and leave to simmer. Once the pasta is cooked pop it into the saucepan with your other ingredients and mix so that the sauce covers all of your pasta.

And it’s ready! Super Simple Sausage Pasta!



Cuddles & Love,

Miss. Bobbin x

Changes Everywhere!

Gosh, what a mad few weeks it has been! Within the space of just 3 weeks I have moved into my own apartment, with my trusty feline friend Katie (other wise known as KitKat), I accepted a great marketing position in a start up company, which is an amazing opportunity for me and an exciting project to work on. I managed to exercise for the first time since my operation 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately I’ve fallen ill again so no more exercise for a while. My doctors suspect I have a rare form of Rheumatoid Arthritis which not only is very painful it also grows tumours, so next week I will be back in hospital for more tests. You can read more about my operation here.

Unfortunately because of the whirl wind life that is fast becoming a reality for me, we have made the decision to end The IndieMag for good. Have no fear! I have popped all of the vintage and business sections content onto this blog and I will continue to support small businesses and entertain you with vintage posts and business tips. We just couldn’t find the time, or energy for that matter to keep it going. So, I do believe a quick catch up of the past few weeks in pictures is in order…

Moving Day in the Miss.Bobbin household…

photo 1


I tried to tone down my vintage style for my new workplace…

photo 2

My first new home purchase:  very cute jars for flour, rice, pasta and sugar…

photo 3

I may or may not have popped to a car boot sale and made a few more purchases…

photo 1 (4) photo 2 (2) photo 3 (3)


I up cycled the picnic basket into a pretty little bed for KitKat…

photo 1 (2)

Jess (my sister) and I went to see Tom Odell in Concert, he was EPIC…


photo 2


I crawled out of bed on various occasions for 7 am runs to see the sunrise…




I took part in the make up free selfie to raise money for cancer research …

photo 1 (3)

I managed to fit a little time in to get creative and make head bows…

photo 3 (1) photo 4


The vintage style made a come back for work, let’s be honest it wasn’t going to stay away forever was it?

photo 2 (1)


I popped up to my parent’s house after work on Friday, Trix and I felt a snooze was in order…




and last but by no means least, I wished my wonderful Mum and very best friend a Happy Mothers Day with two plants which have handmade bows around them, a little bag I made using the same fabric filled with chocolates and a home made card….

photo 3 (2)


All in all it’s been a rather busy few weeks! How has your week been? I hope you have had a truly lovely one! Here’s to a supercalifradulistic week next week!

Miss.Bobbin x


How To Throw A Great Gatsby Party


The twenties were carefree, wild with little inhibition, the parties were big, the music loud and the drink flowed. A Great Gatsby theme is a great way to go for throwing any kind of celebration from a party just because to a wedding reception, birthday shindig or hen party. Take a look at our check list for the big event and make sure you have every element ticked off.



Invitation by PaperStreetPress

The invite to your party is a preview for your guests, it sets the mood and feel of the exciting night to come. Include a place, time and dress code.



Champagne Glasses by KaiserVonVintage

Although alcohol and especially champagne were prohibited at the time the cocktails and drinks still flowed. Champagne and cocktails are the perfect alcoholic beverages to serve at a Great Gatsby themed party, A Blackberry Gin Fizz will prove popular as your main cocktail. In the twenties drinks were served in wide brimmed champagne glasses rather than the flutes we use today.



Gold Sparkling Glitter Garland By GINGER RAY


Bag Of Silver Confetti By HUNTER GATHERER

The decoration is one of the most important parts of the party when setting the mood, think golds, silvers, reds and blacks. Feathers work incredibly well as do helium balloons, confetti and fairy lights.

Dress Code


Feather Fan by BRITTEN

The 1920s dress code is the best part of throwing a gatsby party! Women should dress in sequined dresses, with feathers in their hair and dark eye makeup read our Get The 20′s Look Article For Women Here for more information. The men should wear waistcoats and smart shoes to get a better idea of this style read our Get The Gatsby Look article here.



Gatsby Props by photoboothshoppe

Why not teach your guests to dance the Charleston, or purchase/make some little gatsby props and create your own photo booth for your friends to play around with. If your budget stretches a live band would be fantastic playing songs of the twenties.

Sound Track


The music will add to the atmosphere, above is the entire soundtrack to the Great Gatsby Movie to give you a little inspiration on the type of music to pick.

Above all kick back, relax, and have fun.

Moments In Time

1940s girl stroking pet dog on lawn

Vintage finds can be the most personal things. For example I once found a beautiful 1950s wedding dress and I will always wonder who wore it and what they felt, the emotions attached to that day (and therefore I imagine that dress) must be intense and so personal.  But more personal than a dress is the photos that sometimes come the way of a vintage seller.

dancing girls 1930s vintage blog post

It is so sad to see these photos being thrown away- tossed into a box of rubbish with apparently no thought for the contents of them or intense feelings that can be asspociated with them.   I found a selection of photos once in the bottom of a lot of clothing I had got for the shop about a year ago,  I had no idea what to do with them but could not bring myself to put them in the bin and so started an interest in vintage photographs that I can’t quite shake.

The images ranged from the late Victorian period to the war torn 1940s, and they showed the fashions as they were really worn by real people.  Something that always surprises and fascinates me is how frequently the fashions of the past make the wearer look so much older than they truly were- this is particularly the case with some of these images where the maturer styles belie their teenage years.

One of the beautiful things about old photos is imagining what the lives of these individuals were like, what they were thinking about when the photo was taken and what was really important to them.  Some of the less formal poses manage to convey so much more of what they may have felt at the time (although even in a formal Victorian setting you can still see some of their personality peeping through their eyes and half smiling faces in spite of the forced suppression of expression)

world war II family 1940s fashion

Living Again
So much do I hate throwing any photo away or seeing them unloved in corners, I have since taken to actively looking for unloved images to help in some way let these memories, and indeed the people in them, live again.

There are so many things you can do to honour these simple scraps of history. Many people create albums of photographs, not of people they know in the usual manner, but more in a scrap book way- a book of inspiration on a certain period- how to decorate a house, or dress authentically in a particular period style.

Often when people have bought these little bundles of the past from my shop, I have asked what they intend to do with them, so many people have surprised me by saying that they intend on framing and hanging them. These unknown faces now adorn another families wall, living on perhaps to help a different family celebrate life.

Once of the really interesting uses of these images is when they are scanned and then can be used in a myriad of ways, again and again. Saved from decay and destruction to immortalised digitally, turned into artwork for the cover of a notebook, a greetings card or even on occasion a fridge magnet.

1940s men in porch with classic car

Found Relatives
Whether you love or hate the idea of other people’s families adorning your wall, an album or a greetings card your receive, if you stumble across vintage photos tossed aside do not just discard these “found relatives” but share them or pass them on somewhere, somehow and let their lives and memories live on, in no matter how small a way.

vintage 1920s dress flapper girl 2



Written by Janine Rudkins
Lesley’s Girls Vintage

Top Tips On Blogging


bloggingA blog can be one of the most useful tools to any business, especially those which are predominantly based online. Adding regular relevant content will help rank higher within search engine results and also attract both new and existing customers to visit your website. There are no limits on how often or when you should blog, no set amount of words or images, no rules or regulations, you are free to blog as you wish! My top tips on blogging for small businesses are as follows:


Be Passionate.


If you love what you’re writing about, chances are your audience will too. Be passionate, enjoy what you write about and make sure that shines through.


Keep It Relevant.


Be sure to stay within your field of business, your target market will be those interested in your product or service so if you own a Marketing Consultant Business writing about your favourite recipe probably won’t be of interest to your readers when they’re scouring the web for advice on marketing.


Would You Share It?


Before pressing publish, ask yourself the question would you share it? If you spotted your post on a social media channel or on a website would you click share or email it to a friend? If not, don’t publish, change it around.


Don’t Apologise.


If you haven’t managed to blog for a while don’t apologise for not doing so, if your readers hadn’t noticed, they will now!


Write Engaging Posts.


Tutorials and How To’s work very well for engaging an audience, they are useful and will most likely be saved for later on and shared. Real life posts work well too as on some level your readers will be able to relate to it.


Be Personal Without Being Emotional.


Being personal on a blog is very important, your audience needs to know you are a real person but by over sharing or ranting your readers will run for the hills.


Quality Over Quantity.


Although having a regular presence on your blog is very important blogging for the sake of blogging is a big no no, over time you will build up your blog’s content, don’t just blog because you have to. Make sure that you post good quality content.


Does It Make You Say WOW?


Are you proud of what you have written? Does it make you say wow? If so hit that publish button now!


Great Gatsby Quotes

I don’t know about you lovely lot but I love The Great Gatsby both film and book, the story is incredible but the way it is written is mind blowing. I am a lover of quotes and thought what better way to continue our 1920′s themed month than to share some wonderful wall hangings, pictures and wall stickers of Great Gatsby Quotes. Each item links directly to the shop it is from.

“Men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.”


From Quotable Printables

“I Like large parties they’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”


From DickensInk


“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”


From LivinFreely

“There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.”


From LivinFreely

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.”


From PoetryBoutique


“A little party never killed nobody.”


By ScarlettJai

“I wish I’d done everything on earth with you”


From AliciaBock