Homemade Party Rings



What you’ll need:

85g sugar
175g Unsalted Butter
250g Plain Flour

250g Icing Sugar
Teaspoon of strawberry jam
Juice of one lemon

Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Mix up the sugar and butter until nice and creamy. Add the flour, at first it will look like breadcrumbs. Get your hands stuck in to mix until it becomes a nice doughy mixture. Roll our onto a lightly floured surface.



Using a cookie cutter cut out circles then use a smaller circle (I used the end of an icing piper) to cut out a smaller circle. Transfer to a lightly greased tray.



Bake for 15-20mins until lightly golden. Place on a cooling rack when ready.


To make the icing take 175g of your icing and mix with lemon juice. The remainder of your icing needs to be mixed with a teaspoon of strawberry jam and a drop of boiling hot water in a separate bowl. Ice each biscuit with the white icing first.


Once all of the biscuits are iced take the strawberry icing and drizzle over each biscuit in a zigzag. Leave to set and they are ready to me devoured with a lovely cup of tea!

Miss.Bobbin x


Easter In Spain

I adore Easter and i’m going to have to admit right here, right now it has a lot to do with the copious amounts of chocolate that circle both my home and workplace. I have incredible parents who don’t just purchase your average Easter egg and this year they did not disappoint.  I was given a boat, oh yes a very snazzy boat filled with yummy treats.

photo 3 (4)


However scrumptious Easter can be I think, much like most public holidays and traditions we forget it’s origin. I wouldn’t say I am a particularly religious person, and I believe everyone should have the right to believe in whatever they like, I must say attending my small Spanish town’s Easter procession on Easter Friday really made me stop and appreciate not only Easter but whilst watching the parade a great respect for the opinions and beliefs of others resonated in me. I took a few photos of which I hope you enjoy, it was near impossible to portray the somber atmosphere of the procession.

photo 1 (3) photo 1 (4) photo 2 (4) photo 2 (5) photo 3 (3) photo 4 (1)


As you can see many joined in and walked the streets of our small town with a big band drumming and someone singing hymns. Most people carried candles as pictured above, there was a statue of Mary and of Jesus on the cross which was also carried around along in the line up.

The Spanish celebrate openly and with great enthusiasm, there is always some kind of fiesta being planned here and that is one of the reasons I love living here.

How do you celebrate Easter in your town?

Miss.Bobbin xx

Day 1 – 100 Happy Days

I have joined the fantastic 100 Happy Days Challenge, which asks you to take a picture each day which has made you happy in some way. This makes you evaluate your day and see that there is happiness in every day, we just have to look sometimes. My first picture makes me chuckle in a way as I am not a big drinker but today for the first time in a good few weeks I got to spend some time with my family, we are all so busy running around everywhere that it is sometimes difficult to pin a time down that we can all be together.



What has made you happy today?

Miss.Bobbin xx


A Trip To A Wine Cellar

logoLast weekend my lovely friend Jordi surprised me with a private tour around a small, family run wine cellar about 45 minutes away from where I live. Felix Massana Rafols is nestled into the incredible landscape of Sant Pau D’Ordal, a small village in Catalunya. They specialise in Ecological wines and have around 20 acres of vine yards.

It was so incredible to see how wine is made, where it is stored, and how it makes it onto our shelves. We are planning to visit a medium sized and big corporate wine cellar soon so that we can take a look at the differences when it comes to manufacturing that wonderful beverage so many of us love. At this particular cellar they make white wine, red wine, rose and cava.


What really struck a chord with me is just how much Felix, the owner of this winery, cares about the environment. All of their efforts go into making sure the wine is created using ecological means with no horrible pesticides or chemicals used within the creation of this wine.

photo 1 (1)Once made, the wine is stored in bottles for at least 6 months.

photo 1 photo 2 (1) photo 2 (2)


When ready, the bottles are cleaned, corked and labelled up, ready for the wonderful wine drinkers of this world to enjoy. We tried four different types of wine and opted for a bottle of  ”La Pinyola” a white wine fermented in chestnut barrels for 6 months and “Rosat” a lovely rose wine, both were very delicious indeed!

photo 3 (1) photo 2 (3) photo 1 (2)


As you can see above, the landscape of the area is breathtaking. For more information on Felix Massana Rafols visit their website.

photo 3 (2) photo 4For lunch, we opted for a typical Catalan dish of artichokes cooked on an open out door fire, sausage bacon, tomato bread and beans.

What a wonderful weekend! :)

Miss.Bobbin xx

Creme Egg Recipe



I am obsessed with Cadbury’s Creme Eggs but unfortunately (well fortunately for my waist line) They don’t sell them in Spain, to be honest they don’t sell all too much in the way of Easter treats in Spain, nothing like England and the chocaholic in me craves chocolate, most of all my very favourites; Creme Eggs.

I decided to make creme eggs  as a special treat Easter treat and share the recipe with you lovelies!

Here’s what you’ll need:

4 tbsp of Golden Syrup
100g Butter
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
300g Icing sugar
1/2 tsp yellow food colouring
350g Chocolate

Leave the butter out to soften slightly, mix together with the golden syrup and vanilla extract. Add the icing sugar and mix until nice and smooth you may need a drop of hot water.

Divide the mixture into 2 one lot smaller than the other. To the smaller portion add the yellow food colouring this will be your yolks and leave the other white. Place in the freezer for 30 mins.

Once hard take a teaspoon of the yellow mixture and roll into balls. Do this until you have used up all of the mixture. Then do the same but slightly bigger with the white mixture. Place in the freezer for 10 mins.

Gently push the centre of the white ball in with your thumb to make room for the yolk. Place the yolk inside and then using your fingers cover over with the right. Repeat this until all of the yolks are inside the whites.Place back in the freezer for 15 mins.

Gently melt your chocolate, if doing so in the microwave remember to use a microwave safe bowl and to check on it every 20 seconds or so as not to burn it. Chocolate is very easy to burn!

Remove your eggs from the freezer and using a tooth pick pierce one, now dip it into the chocolate and make sure the melted chocolate has covered the surface fully. Replace on the same tray and repeat with all of the eggs. You will notice that the chocolate sets very quickly, this is due to both the tray being frozen and the inside of the egg. Place in the fridge for another 10 mins and your ready to enjoy!

Miss Bobbin x

Lavender Cupcakes



What you’ll need:
1 Large cooking apple – peeled & thinly sliced
3tbsp Water
4tbsp Sugar
140g Plain Flour
1 Egg beaten
1tsp baking powder
1.5 tbsp Lavendar flowers
Pinch of Salt
55g Margarine
1tsp Bicarb of soda


For the icing:
Icing Sugar
Drop of hot water
Lavender flowers



Mix 150g of icing sugar with a drop of water. Don’t add too much you don’t want it to be too thin and runny. Add about 4 lavender flower petals and refrigerate. Cooling this lets the flavours of the lavender come out.




Preheat oven to 200c/400f
Place the thinly sliced apple in a saucepan with 3 tbsp of water and bring to the boil. Cover for 15-20 minutes and let simmer.




Sift flour, baking powder, bicarb of soda and salt into mixing bowl. In a separate bowl cream the margarine and sugar. Mix in the beaten egg and lavender. Once the apple is soft you can either mash it with a potato masher or use a food processor.




Fold in the margarine mixture carefully, gently stir and try not to over mix it. Spoon into cupcake holders and bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown.





Once ready remove from the oven and place on a cooling rack for about 15 minutes so they are nice and cold. Next its time to ice! Take your icing mixture out of the fridge it will be slightly stiff just mix a little and it should soften up. I like icing these and placing a lavender flower on a few as it looks pretty!



Happy Birthday Baby Sister

Today my beautiful, lovely sister Jess turned 21 I suppose id better get the embarrassing photos out then…


Over the past 21 years you have smiled lots…


You have played in boxes far too many times…


You sing whenever you’re not talking…


You have posed and pouted so many times I believe you may possibly aspire to be Victoria Beckham…


You’ve enjoyed a cheeky beverage…


Or two…


Or three…


Or four…


You have been surprised…

1939471_10154042458060515_626526308_n (1)

You have posed a lil bit more…


And then a hell of a lot more…


I have tried my best to keep you entertained but sometimes my efforts weren’t appreciated…

Even mum and dad’s funky clothes failed to amuse you…

You have collected many cats…


People haven’t always listened to you…

Luckily you’ve always had me to point out where you’re going wrong…

You have spent lots of time in your Jammie’s…


And quite a lot of time online…


There have been times when you could have been described as slightly grumpy…


But most importantly you have always been the very best sister in the world happy 21st Birthday Jessie Jane I love you lots and lots xxxx


I hope you have enjoyed your 21st Birthday, we have certainly enjoyed all of the cake!


You can visit Jessie’s blog Indie Loves here.

Miss.Bobbin x